7 top tips when attending a singles night

I recently attended my first (and last) single and let’s mingle night out in London. Even though I am in a relationship (and not looking), my best friend is newly single and wanted to get out there and a mutual friend recommended for her to go to a singles event. Therefore for some moral support I went along to keep her company.

The night was definitely an eye opener and for someone who is not looking for a partner I noted some top tips for those sassy singletons who might want to prepare for before they go.

  1. Take friend with you – it might sound obvious but there is no way my friend (who is really confident) would have gone without me for moral support. As we spoke to some people there a lot of them turned up on their own which is also absolutely fine however it makes it easier to break the ice and to talk to others when you have someone you know there. It gives you a little bit of comfort and for you both to bounce off each other’s conversation.
  1. Play the ice breaker games – they are there for a reason. The events team who organise these events know what they are doing and know silly games like ‘rock paper scissors’ and a ‘thumb war’ can break the ice and get people talking. So don’t feel embarrassed about going up to someone and doing these mini challenges
  1. Have a joke up your sleeve and by this I don’t mean literally. When my friend and I were mingling a guy asked me to tell him a joke, I’m not usually ones for jokes but fortunately for me I was telling my other half earlier in the day a  joke I saw on Instagram

“Why did the Mexican push his wife off the cliff?”

‘TEQUILA’ (To kill her – get it!)

As silly and stupid as the joke sounds it made them chuckle and got the conversation flowing.

  1. Leave your worry at the door – it’s always tough meeting new people for the first time but you need to remember that the people you meet don’t know you and they will only go by anything you tell them so don’t be shy just talk as you usually would.
  1. Dress for the occasion – first impressions count, unfortunately we live in a society where it’s not all about personality and there should be an attraction so wear something that represents your personality
  1. Speak to as many people as you can and don’t limit yourself to those you might like the look of – get out there and talk to as many people as you can. At the start it might seem like an awkward situation but as you start talking to people it gets easier.
  1. Prep some questions before you go – I know this isn’t a job interview but it’s always good to have a few key questions in case conversation gets dry. I asked someone at the singles night what they did and they said it was a boring standard question however I think it says a lot about a person of how they answer the question. You spend over 1/3 of your day at work therefore if you can talk about your job with passion it says a lot about a person.

I hope these top tips help you however please remember no one is there to judge you. Go there have some fun and get to know people!


Vitality 10,000 – I said “I shouldn’t, couldn’t and wouldn’t”

So here are my top 5 excuses…

  • “Running, oh I can’t”
  • “I have asthma and I hate running”
  • “I am so self-conscious I hate people watching me exercise”
  • “I shouldn’t do it, I can’t do it and I won’t do it”
  • “It’s boring, I lose interest easily”

The excuses above are just some of the many I used about 4 months ago. Since I signed up to Vitality 10,000 10k back in February everything changed! I had a challenge and a time limit (the run route was only open for around 2 hours so I had to ensure I was finished and off the road by then)  – the two things that really pushes me to my limit. As a major planner I gave myself small targets every week to beat as well as training schedules – I can’t help but be organised!

Forward on 4 months (and the many tears, tantrum and excuses) I am pleased to say I managed to complete the run despite my worry that I would have to be carried over the finishing line. It took me 1 hour and 22 minutes and I must admit it was a lot harder than it seemed.

The day was a lot different to what I would have expected….

I got up at 6am with barely any sleepy for some reason I felt like I was taking an exam – I had the same butterflies in my tummy as when I did my final university exams. After a hearty breakfast I made my way to Green Park with my suitcase-like bag full of supplies!

As I made my way there I didn’t realise how many people would actually be there -12,000+ runners and their friends and family members. It was safe to say St James’s Park was packed! My best friend and I got ourselves sorted and made our way to the start line where we were waiting for the run to start. We were nervous, excited and most of all worried that we wouldn’t finish the run however many experience runners overheard us and gave us lot of encouragement and tips. (Big thank you if you were one of those lovely people!)

Vitality 10,000 - 2

The start of the race

The siren went off and away we went…..

I must admit the first 2km seemed as if they were a lot longer than they were in my practice runs however I didn’t let that phase me. As I continued running I got to the Bank of England (which was around 4.5km) and thought it would be fun to Snapchat my run to all my friends as I was running past places that I would usually see on a Friday/Saturday night when I am out on the town. It did feel really weird running past various clubs and landmarks I had visited like St Pauls Cathedral, Anthologist, House of Parliament etc. but it was really nice to run care free on the roads without worrying about vehicles and bicycles.

As I approached the 7km mark I could sense that I was going to struggle the rest of the way, the music and all the volunteers from the different charities really kept me and all the runners motivated, it was so nice to see everyone cheering each other on.

Vitality 10,000 - 9km mark

At the 9km mark I snapped a picture to my cheerleaders otherwise know as my family and other half to let them know I wasn’t far, I checked my phone and saw they were close to the finish line. As I approached the 200m  sign I could see my squad of cheerleaders shouting and cheering me on, which is when I got my final burst of energy to sprint to the finishing line!

The energy and vibe at the finishing line was unbelievable! I was absolutely exhausted however I really felt like I could do it all over again. I met the rest of my friends and “cheerleaders” back in St James Park to take pictures with our fabulous medals.

This whole experience has been so much fun as well as getting fit and completing a challenge I also managed to raise over £1,000 for Cancer Research which I am very proud of. Thank you to all my family and friends who donated I really appreciate it!

That same night, I signed up to The British 10k Run which I think now means I have the running bug!

Vitality 10,000 - 1

The final stretch


My top tips to get started with running

As per my previous blog post I said I would post my top tips and here they are:

  • Feel comfortable in what you wear when you run – it makes a lot of difference
  • Invest in some good running shoes –they will make or break you!
  • Create a playlist – upbeat music helps however I found sometimes soothing music works just as well, I guess it depends on your mood.
  • Download a fitness app such as Nike+ or Map My Run (both are free!) or even the Couchto5K!
  • Start your run backwards (not literally!) count down how many days or weeks you have until the big day and set yourself small goals for example: week 1 you want to be able to run 1k, by the 5th week you want to be able to run 5k and by the 12th week you want to be able to run 10k!
  • If you are running with friends create a WhatsApp group for motivation or get a friend (who is brutally honest) to give you a reality check when you need it. It’s often easy to make up excuses to not go for your run but I promise you will feel a lot better about it
  • Mix up your training with other exercises such as swimming, cycling, weights etc.
  • Make sure you eat well – plenty of fresh fruit and veg – if you are time poor then try and prep on the weekend. Use healthy eating apps like MyFitnessPal to see what exactly you are eating. It’s a really good way to see how you are wasting away calories.
  • Don’t forget rest days they are just as important as training!

Well that’s it for now! I’ll be sure to write a post after my run! Wish me luck!

Please note – I am not by any means a personal trainer, dietican etc however I followed the above tips and tricks that were passed on to me and they seemed to work!

My impossible might be possible – running 10k

Let’s rewind to the start of this year, it’s the 1st January 2016, I’m sitting on my sofa scrolling through my Facebook feed and looking at what everyone’s new year’s resolutions are, I chuckle at some of them and then throw my phone to the side and forget about it.

Fast-forward a few weeks later, I have a light bulb moment where I think maybe it’s not too late to have a new year’s resolution, and decide I want to sign up to a 10k run. I must admit it has been on my bucket list for a while however I never knew when I would get around to doing it.

I thought about it for a few days and wondered “do I have the time to train, am I going to be committed enough and will I ever be able to run the full 10k?” The thought of exercise and running on the roads of London was daunting however it was a now or never moment and whilst I was positive about running I thought it was best to go with the flow and registered to run the London 10,000.

So, instead of just signing up the Vitality London 10,000 (where 10,000 people run 10k), I thought the only way I wouldn’t chickening out of it is by raising money for charity. So persuaded my best friend to get involved and away we were with our super cool attitude to running and our fundraising page to raise money for Cancer Research.

So this takes me to the start of February, where I think I have just under 4 months to prepare, train and get fit…. so can I do it? The answer is yet to be decided as I am running the 10k on Monday!

Anyway for those that don’t know me, I hate running I always thought I couldn’t do it and it is a goal which seemed so far in the distance. In my first week I treated myself to some new running clothes (it definitely helps looking the part!) signed up to Spotify and got going with the Nike+ running app. I was surprised with how unfit I was – I couldn’t even run 1k. Gradually as the weeks went by I went from running less than 1k to 5k. My main aim of doing this run wasn’t the time it took me to run it was the accomplishment of completing it.

I must admit I had good weeks and had bad weeks, I found myself doing really well in the first 4 weeks of being really committed and running 2-3 times a week and I could really see myself making progress which is when I got as far as running 5k.

Unfortunately, I then started making excuses of why I couldn’t run. It then daunted to me that months were turning into weeks until the big run! It occurred to me I was telling all my friends and family about this run but I wasn’t training as hard as I should. I eventually got back to it and after a few weeks I managed to run the 10k, the time wasn’t great however like I mentioned before it’s about completing the run rather than how long it takes me.

Anyway I still have a few days to go until the big day on the 30th May! I’ll post my top tips in the next blog however fingers crossed I get to pass the finishing line (without passing out!)

For those of you who have never heard of the Vitality 10,000 run you can find out more information here: https://www.vitalitylondon10000.co.uk/

If you would like to help e raise money for Cancer Research visit their website and donate as much and as little as you can afford: http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/