About me

Hi, my name is Rina and I love desserts, marketing and eating out!3

I’m a marketeer by day and egg free dessert lover by night. I love trying out different places to eat however it’s never easy having a vegetarian egg free diet so I hope this blog helps others with restaurant reviews as well as recipes I have tried and tested along the way.

I love watching cooking shows despite not being able to eat most things being cooked however I love the colours and the different methods of cooking. Over the past few years I’ve take the step to try and cook more and make healthy food despite my sweet tooth so this blog is try to kick myself to get in the cooking mode and to share as much vegetarian egg free recipes (otherwise known as a lacto-vegetarian)

Alongside that I spend 8 hours a day as a marketeer for a professional services company and love staying up to date with various news and updates which is why I will be letting you know my thoughts on what are the latest trends and what it going on in social media.

I hope you enjoy!