Delightful dairy free desserts at Pure Nest Café

After stumbling across Pure Nest Café a few weeks ago on Twitter, I put it on my list of places to visit as soon as I had managed to make time. It had been a few long weeks at work and I finally managed to take some time off to unwind and get a chance to visit this quirky little cafepure-nest-cafe-tea

I arrived at 12pm and the café was empty however I was warmly greeted by the staff. I was browsing at what they had on offer when the chef said from the back they had more treats coming if I would be willing to wait. As I had no other plans for the rest of the day I decided to sit myself down with a cup of tea and wait to see what delights they had to offer.

As I was waiting I was kicking myself for not bringing my iPad however I had my phone for company, the staff asked if I would like WiFi as it was free. What a lovely thought!

I began chapure-nest-cafe-pumpkin-waffletting to the team  about the store and how long it had been open and I found out it had been open a while, once we got talking I mentioned I had a lacto-vegetarian diet and the chef persuaded to me to try the waffle was which egg free *cue the music to my ears*

A few minutes later the freshly made pumpkin waffle arrived, it was delicious, light and covered in maple syrup. However it had frozen blueberries which weren’t thawed through enough – but regardless of that the cold taste of blueberries worked well with the warm maple syrup and waffle.

On my way out I decided to order 3 salted caramel brownies for my siblings and whilst I was there I spoke to the chef and mentioned my love for salted caramel. She stopped me and told me to wait 1 minute whilst she went to get her very own home made coconut oil salted caramel and my word it was gorgeous!

The café is simply lovely, the staff are friendly and the desserts are yummy

Top tip – The café is quite big and perfect for mums with babies as they have a small soft play area with toys and books.

The only drawback is that parking in the area is a nightmare however Muswell Hill has always been like that!

Price: 1 waffle, 1 cup of tea and 3 salted caramel brownies – £12 – bargain!
Location: 176-178 Fortis Green Rd, Muswell Hill N10 3DU

Extra information

The team at Pure Nest Cafe:

*don’t use refined sugar, in most cases, they use organic coconut palm sugar, or raw cane sugar.

*don’t use peanuts or soy in baking – great for those with allergies, they use almonds, cashews, pecans, flaxseeds, hemp and chia seeds.

*have separate work stations for gluten and non-gluten products and use separate utensils and equipment, such as bowls, spatulas and moulds

* offer vegan, gluten free, grain free, egg free, unrefined sugar and paleo conforming ranges

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