Gin-Paradise at Mr Foggs

On a cold Autumn evening I had arranged to meet with some friends for some drinks. After many conversations back and forth of where to go, one of my friends went through her bucket list of bars to visit and we quickly decided what better opportunity to go on girls night out to Mr Fogg’s.

Tucked away behind Berkeley Square in London, resides Mr Fogg’s – an eclectic, warm and very busy establishment!

Top tip – Mr Fogg’s is located on a back road behind Berkeley square, if you think you are on the wrong road you are most likely on the right road as it looks like a residential road with flats, houses and offices and right in the middle of that is Mr Fogg’s!

We were going to book a table however decided not to as the earliest table they had was at 7.30pm so we decided to “wing it” and just turn up. I was the first to arrive and after walking up and down Bruton Lane twice I asked the security guard if there were any tables and he said they weren’t and we would have to wait for a table – the earliest being a 5-10 minutes wait and it was on the terrace. I was wearing heels and refused to walk anymore and decided to make an executive decision for the group to head in.

From the moment I stepped in I felt as if I was in the Gin version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as Mr Fogg is the UK’s Willy Wonka. After recently watching Charlie and the Chocolate factory, Mr Fogg’s Residences is the equivalent of the magical chocolate factory, if you are a Gin lover like myself you will be in Gin-Paradise!

As I walked in I was overwhelmed by the decor, there were vintage suitcases and umbrellas, lots of clocks and gorgeous ornaments/trinkets. The furniture was dark wood and the bar smelt like incense – makes a change for a bar!  I was amazed by the selection of bottles at the bar and how busy it was, from the outside you would not believe how nice the inside is.

I sat at the terrace as my friends joined me a few minutes later, I was surprised with how warm the terrace was – thank god for outside heaters. The decor of the private garden/terrace was beautiful

As we all arrived we were promptly given the main drinks menu as well as the cocktail menu. Moments after we were all given still water with fresh lemon – which was much appreciated!

We went back and forth what to drink and decided on a bottle of wine and I couldn’t resist to get a gin cocktail which was infused with a various flavours and included a fruit puree. Both the wine and gin were light, refreshing and were tasty.

The service was great and the team were really attentive, and I would definitely return!

Apologies, I was running out of battery so I didn’t manage to take any pictures however pictures wouldn’t do Mr Fogg’s any justice

Address:15 Bruton Lane, Mayfair, London, W1J 6JD

Other branch: Covent Garden

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