Can Social Media get you in trouble?

Earlier last week it was reported that Kim Kardashian had been held hostage and robbed whilst visiting Paris for Paris Fashion Week. There have been many theories to why she was vulnerable and robbed but a point made by well-known designer Karl Lagerfeld was that she shouldn’t have shown off her jewellery on social media.

To have over £8 million pounds worth of jewellery stolen from you has to hurt the bank balance as well as the physical and mental impact it has on you.

This got me thinking, if you have it should you flaunt it?

Does bragging about materialistic items get you in trouble like Kim or is it best to just stay truthful to yourself and not flaunt it like Richard Branson. Yes I know 2 names that I never thought I would use in 1 sentence but it just goes to show that there are some people with lots of money and materialistic items who are true to themselves whilst others who enjoy the spotlight.

I do feel sorry for Kim and no one should be in a situation like that however when there is a limit of flaunting your wealth or achievements.

Don’t get me wrong if I buy myself something nice or go somewhere different I do occasionally post a picture on Instagram or Snapchat but when does it go from just updating people about your life to bragging and showing off and in the example above it actually get you in trouble.

Just a bit of food for thought, next time you decide to post pictures of your wealth or expensive possessions on social media just think, are you happy to letting others know a bit too much about your life?

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