Chinese milestone celebrations at Green Cottage

Last week my other half and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary, we aren’t usually ones for making a big deal about the occasion however as it had been a busy few months we thought it would be nice to make it a special occasion.

Usually I am the planner/organiser so usually take it upon myself to make arrangements however this time he said “leave it to me…” Always the sceptic I wanted to know where we were going so I bugged him until he told me 2 hours before we were due to eat that we were going for chinese food on Finchley road, which turned out to be a cute little authentic place called Green Cottage.

I kept asking my other half if they would be able to cater to myGreen Cottage dietary requirements and he assured me that a family friend had been and they would be able to.

As usual we were running late and arrived at 9pm the place was relatively busy. The restaurant I believe (I only saw the first floor) is spread across 2 floors however even though its large the feel is very homely, the décor is smart with a lot of dark wood.

We were swiftly seated and given a menu, my other half explained to the waitress that I am a vegetarian and do not eat eggs or fish and she happily suggested some options.Green Cottage2

They don’t have a big selection for vegetarians however they do accommodate any requests such as mixing 2 dishes together to create a new bespoke one.

Top tip – reinforce the fact you don’t each fish as a lot of chinese food has Oyster or fish sauce

We chose the:

  • vegetarian spring rolls
  • chilli and garlic aubergines
  • seasonal stir fried vegetables (which were in fact just pak choi)
  • noodles with beansprouts (and I asked for some vegetables to be added to the dish)
  • a spicy chicken dish (for my other half)

Green Cottage3

The staff were really attentive and reassured me that what I was eating was suitable for my dietary requirements. The food was so tasty and filling and by the end of the meal I was definitely full!

As we were leaving the restaurant it was busier than before even though we were in and out within an hour. The service is quick and the food is very fresh! I can’t wait to going back!

Price for 2 including drinks and service change- £42

For more information:
Address: 9 New College Parade, Swiss Cottage, London NW3 5EP
Telephone number: 020 77225305

They do not have a website but here is the menu:

TripAdvisor link:

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