Matcha Madness at Milk Train Café

Before I tell you about Milk Train Cafe let me explain how I stumbled across this amazing find…

A few weeks ago I was meeting some friends for lunch and as my sense of direction is pretty poor I thought it was best to Google map my way to get there. Enroute I saw Milk Train, I looked in the window and made a mental note to visit there as it did Matcha ice cream. (Matcha is my favourite as I was once gifted Matcha Kit Kat from Japan The Milk Train - I cho cho choose you– heaven! Ever since then I have been on the hunt for all Matcha flavoured desserts – lacto-vegetarian friendly of course!)

A week later I was racking my brains of where the ice cream place was my google search history was full of searches such as

  • “Matcha Ice cream London”
  • “Covent Garden Ice Cream”
  • “Matcha Covent Garden”

You name it I tried it. I even tried googling the route I went to lunch that day! Funnily enough the next day I was on Snapchat as I saw one of my friends snap a picture of Milk Train – this time I was smart and wrote it down!

Before I decided to go to Milk Train I had to make sure the ice cream was egg free so I found their account on Twitter and tweeted asking if their ice-cream was egg free and within 24 hours I had a response saying it was! Now that is what I call customer service.

The Milk Train - Twitter

After dinner with a friend I persuaded her not to eat dessert where we had dinner and I would take her to a really cool place. Me and the word cool don’t really go in the same sentence so she had low expectations! I was super excited that she would be eating her words.The Milk Train - Icecream

Later that evening we arrived on Bedford Street which is just off the Strand. I remember the road is usually quite quiet however on this warm but cloudy day Milk Train was packed! There was queue outside. After waiting 5 minutes we placed our order – mine a Matcha ice-cream in a cone with candyfloss and my friends a vanilla ice-cream, It was safe to say today was cheat day!

We waited around 10 mins for our ice cream as the place was very busy and they only had 2 members of staff – one on the till and the other making the dessert!

Top tip – The ice cream parlour was very hot even though it had air conditioning, so just let the staff know you will wait outside for your ice cream so you don’t melt in the heat!

They only have 3 flavours on the menu, vanilla, Matcha and Hojicha which all can be customised for you with various toppings and event candyfloss.

The Milk Train - Menu

The décor itself is very plain and simple however they have only just Matcha Ice Cream with CandyFlossrecently opened and maybe it’s the look and feel they were going for but I think it’s more of a place where you get your ice cream and walk the streets of London which is what we did!

Once we got our icecream we went around Covent Garden wandering the streets with our super tasty treat!

Price for 2 ice creams – £7

Location – 44 Bedford Street, London WC2E 9HA.

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