Battle of the stories – Instagram vs Snapchat

My usual routine when I wake up is to grab my phone turn that annoying alarm off and scroll through all my social media accounts! Earlier this week when I was scrolling through Instagram and noticed that there were some changes to the platform – the introduction of stories…

*cue the dramatic music!*

I was a little confused and my initial thought was is Instagram trying to be “Instachat” or “Snapgram” however once I was fully awake and on my journey to work I thought I would play around with the app some more to figure out how best to use this.

Well after some research (both using it and the internet) this is what I found out:

Instagrams new features What Snapchat does already
Text and drawing tools which means you can write text over a picture or draw a picture Its exactly the same as Snapchat except snapchat has filters and stickers
Photos and videos disappear after 24 hours Pretty much what snapchat USP is
Stories from follow accounts will appear at the top of user feeds Its called snapchat recently updates/stories
You can’t like or publically comment on the Instagram stories Similar to snapchat nothing is public. All comments are private


After looking at all the information I could find about this update and my use of it,  I came to an honest but brutal conclusion – I think that Instagram has copied Snapchat. I know it’s harsh however if they were to roll out a new update I think it would be appreciated by its users if it was a bit different or had a USP that we can differentiate.

I think it can easily dilute a brand if it has so much going on which I think is a shame if it does. I always think that if I want to post a picture of something that everyone will appreciate I would go to Instagram and if I want to update my friends with the random stuff I do then I go to snapchat. There is a purpose for both but I’m just not sure if I am going to like the mix of the both. However I know I shouldn’t dismiss an update so quickly so I will give it a chance and see how I get on and in the meantime over the next few weeks we’ll find out more about what other users really think!

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