The Dorchester Spa – luxury and tranquil

It’s not often I treat myself to an expensive beauty treatment however as it was my other half’s sisters 30th birthday I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to treat her to a day out to the spa and pamper myself. I searched the internet high and low and spent hours going through so many websites and came across The Dorchester Spa. I was impressed by the reviews and the website as well as their offering and booked as soon as I could.

Fast forward 2 months and finally our spa day arrived!

The Dorchester Hotel

When we arrived we were greeted by a lovely receptionist who took our details and then escorted us to the dressing room where we were given a locker with “the essentials” – a towel, dressing gown, flip flops and toiletries. The therapist showed us all the facilities (listed at the bottom) and left us to get changed and make our way to the relaxation room.

I cannot even begin to explain how beautiful the relaxation room was – I wish I took a picture! It was full of big comfortable – bed sized – sofas and fluffy pillows with magazines and newspapers for us to enjoy! The background music and herbal teas were just perfect. Given the fact that none of us girls had ever enjoyed a 5* spa experience we were gobsmacked by the room. As it was empty it felt like our own private room.

Our massages were booked at 12pm and like clockwork as soon as it was 12pm, 3 lovely beauty therapists walked in and escorted each of us to our private room for our Swedish massage.

Excuse the picture, it doesn’t do the room justice however the therapist was amazing (I wish I got her name!)

The Dorchester - Spa

The spa thought of everything! When I lied down for the massage the therapist asked me to place an eye pillow (an eye mask to anyone who isn’t posh) over my eyes and to breathe in lavender drops to relax. Once each part of my body was massaged with hot oil that area was covered with a hot towel and another on top. Its sounds weird but it kept my body warm in the cool room! The music was soft and classical that put me to sleep – I was in heaven and felt very relaxed!

The massage and dry head scalp was just amazing! I couldn’t believe the 55 minutes had come and gone so quickly! Once I had got dressed into my dressing gown my therapist was waiting outside with cold coconut water and a biscotti and then led me to the relaxation area where my friends were waiting.

We relaxed for a few hours and we were called for our afternoon tea. I was so excited to have afternoon tea in my robe!

We were led to a beautifully decorated room with dim lighting, candles and flowers – if I was able to decorate my house like this I would be the happiest woman in the world!

The Dorchester - Afternoon tea

We were given a fantastic tea menu with a variety of teas however we didn’t feel too adventurous and opted for the “normal” tea! As we all had different of dietary requirements, our waitress confirmed them with us and served us a variety of sandwiches.

I opted for vegan sandwiches and wow they were amazing:

  • Guacamole
  • Cucumber and soya cream cheese
  • Smoked Aubergine and veg

The lady said they were just a small selection and if we wanted more or different ones she would more than happy order them. After 2 rounds of sandwiches we were carb’ed up and needed a break. After a few more pots of tea and water we moved on to dessert.

The Dorchester - Afternoon tea 2

The desserts I was presented with were egg and gelatine free:

  • Raisin scones
  • Plain scones
  • Chocolate block filled with mouse and salted caramel
  • Raspberry sorbet
  • Carrot cake

These were accompanied with clotted cream, strawberry jam and apricot conserve. They were gorgeous, rich and melt in my mouth. I ate each one so slowly and savoured each bite!

The Dorchester - Afternoon tea 3

Once we finishes our afternoon tea we thought it was best to get ready and head back home. The toiletry bags were filled with the essentials to get glammed up and fresh before facing reality!

Would I go back? Try and stop me! For the price, quality and experience I would go again – I am just waiting for an excuse to book another spa day!


Price – £130pp which includes a Swedish massage or facial, afternoon tea and use of their facilities

Facilities – a sleek relaxation room, male and female aromatic steam rooms and male and female experience showers.

Website link –



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