Vitality 10,000 – I said “I shouldn’t, couldn’t and wouldn’t”

So here are my top 5 excuses…

  • “Running, oh I can’t”
  • “I have asthma and I hate running”
  • “I am so self-conscious I hate people watching me exercise”
  • “I shouldn’t do it, I can’t do it and I won’t do it”
  • “It’s boring, I lose interest easily”

The excuses above are just some of the many I used about 4 months ago. Since I signed up to Vitality 10,000 10k back in February everything changed! I had a challenge and a time limit (the run route was only open for around 2 hours so I had to ensure I was finished and off the road by then)  – the two things that really pushes me to my limit. As a major planner I gave myself small targets every week to beat as well as training schedules – I can’t help but be organised!

Forward on 4 months (and the many tears, tantrum and excuses) I am pleased to say I managed to complete the run despite my worry that I would have to be carried over the finishing line. It took me 1 hour and 22 minutes and I must admit it was a lot harder than it seemed.

The day was a lot different to what I would have expected….

I got up at 6am with barely any sleepy for some reason I felt like I was taking an exam – I had the same butterflies in my tummy as when I did my final university exams. After a hearty breakfast I made my way to Green Park with my suitcase-like bag full of supplies!

As I made my way there I didn’t realise how many people would actually be there -12,000+ runners and their friends and family members. It was safe to say St James’s Park was packed! My best friend and I got ourselves sorted and made our way to the start line where we were waiting for the run to start. We were nervous, excited and most of all worried that we wouldn’t finish the run however many experience runners overheard us and gave us lot of encouragement and tips. (Big thank you if you were one of those lovely people!)

Vitality 10,000 - 2

The start of the race

The siren went off and away we went…..

I must admit the first 2km seemed as if they were a lot longer than they were in my practice runs however I didn’t let that phase me. As I continued running I got to the Bank of England (which was around 4.5km) and thought it would be fun to Snapchat my run to all my friends as I was running past places that I would usually see on a Friday/Saturday night when I am out on the town. It did feel really weird running past various clubs and landmarks I had visited like St Pauls Cathedral, Anthologist, House of Parliament etc. but it was really nice to run care free on the roads without worrying about vehicles and bicycles.

As I approached the 7km mark I could sense that I was going to struggle the rest of the way, the music and all the volunteers from the different charities really kept me and all the runners motivated, it was so nice to see everyone cheering each other on.

Vitality 10,000 - 9km mark

At the 9km mark I snapped a picture to my cheerleaders otherwise know as my family and other half to let them know I wasn’t far, I checked my phone and saw they were close to the finish line. As I approached the 200m  sign I could see my squad of cheerleaders shouting and cheering me on, which is when I got my final burst of energy to sprint to the finishing line!

The energy and vibe at the finishing line was unbelievable! I was absolutely exhausted however I really felt like I could do it all over again. I met the rest of my friends and “cheerleaders” back in St James Park to take pictures with our fabulous medals.

This whole experience has been so much fun as well as getting fit and completing a challenge I also managed to raise over £1,000 for Cancer Research which I am very proud of. Thank you to all my family and friends who donated I really appreciate it!

That same night, I signed up to The British 10k Run which I think now means I have the running bug!

Vitality 10,000 - 1

The final stretch


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