My impossible might be possible – running 10k

Let’s rewind to the start of this year, it’s the 1st January 2016, I’m sitting on my sofa scrolling through my Facebook feed and looking at what everyone’s new year’s resolutions are, I chuckle at some of them and then throw my phone to the side and forget about it.

Fast-forward a few weeks later, I have a light bulb moment where I think maybe it’s not too late to have a new year’s resolution, and decide I want to sign up to a 10k run. I must admit it has been on my bucket list for a while however I never knew when I would get around to doing it.

I thought about it for a few days and wondered “do I have the time to train, am I going to be committed enough and will I ever be able to run the full 10k?” The thought of exercise and running on the roads of London was daunting however it was a now or never moment and whilst I was positive about running I thought it was best to go with the flow and registered to run the London 10,000.

So, instead of just signing up the Vitality London 10,000 (where 10,000 people run 10k), I thought the only way I wouldn’t chickening out of it is by raising money for charity. So persuaded my best friend to get involved and away we were with our super cool attitude to running and our fundraising page to raise money for Cancer Research.

So this takes me to the start of February, where I think I have just under 4 months to prepare, train and get fit…. so can I do it? The answer is yet to be decided as I am running the 10k on Monday!

Anyway for those that don’t know me, I hate running I always thought I couldn’t do it and it is a goal which seemed so far in the distance. In my first week I treated myself to some new running clothes (it definitely helps looking the part!) signed up to Spotify and got going with the Nike+ running app. I was surprised with how unfit I was – I couldn’t even run 1k. Gradually as the weeks went by I went from running less than 1k to 5k. My main aim of doing this run wasn’t the time it took me to run it was the accomplishment of completing it.

I must admit I had good weeks and had bad weeks, I found myself doing really well in the first 4 weeks of being really committed and running 2-3 times a week and I could really see myself making progress which is when I got as far as running 5k.

Unfortunately, I then started making excuses of why I couldn’t run. It then daunted to me that months were turning into weeks until the big run! It occurred to me I was telling all my friends and family about this run but I wasn’t training as hard as I should. I eventually got back to it and after a few weeks I managed to run the 10k, the time wasn’t great however like I mentioned before it’s about completing the run rather than how long it takes me.

Anyway I still have a few days to go until the big day on the 30th May! I’ll post my top tips in the next blog however fingers crossed I get to pass the finishing line (without passing out!)

For those of you who have never heard of the Vitality 10,000 run you can find out more information here:

If you would like to help e raise money for Cancer Research visit their website and donate as much and as little as you can afford:

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